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‘Dear Committee Members, Players, Sponsors, Parents and followers,


We have reached the time for all to be revealed regarding the coming season by your Coaches for season 2013/14.


We ask that you make a very special effort to set aside 1 hour for this communication and feedback session so you are across all things Cricket that we the Coaches are ultimately responsible and accountable for.


You will hear clear objectives and goals, support in all areas we encompass and a clear channel/ vision of what will be required for yourself regardless of senior age, ability or skill to develop and hopefully progress to where you want to be.


Our playing group is in a unique position with the experience and successful environment we have and we need to extract as much from this platform as we possibly can. This means many hours, many conversations and many assessment’s to deliver this platform but this has been underway for some time now, and we have no desire to stop here….


So bring all that you can, involve your partners/ friends etc….and come along. Promises to be very, very informative and exciting.


P.S. There will be a separate meeting with the Senior Squad, we will let you know who is part of this initial squad as we get closer to the meeting if not on the day!!!! Important session.


Cheers Andy and Moose….Go Cats!.’


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