How To Have The Best Time Visiting Gold Coast Attractions

The Gold Coast in Australia’s State of Queensland has been called the playground of the country – and when visiting it is not difficult to see why. No matter what the visitor expects from their trip to the Gold Coast it is a region that will not fail to deliver. It does not matter if you are interested in outdoor pursuits, exploring the natural flora and fauna of the region or enjoying great nightlife the Gold Coast will have something to keep you enthralled.

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Of course, there are magnificent (and justifiably famous) beaches of the Gold Coast – which are among the best in Australia. The visitor will thrill to the feel of golden sands under their feet and the sound of waves lapping the shore, while the sun provides that perfect climate for just sitting back and relaxing. this is a place where the cares and stresses of modern day life simply fade away.

If you are after fun in the sun there are numerous other attractions that may take you away from those wonderful sands – not will nonetheless deliver both excitement and enjoyment in equal measure. No matter how you aim to have the best time visiting Gold Coast attractions a trip to some of the markets is something that should be penciled in when planning your trip.

If you are a foodie, or simply interested in locally produced arts and crafts then you should be heading for the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary where the Sanctuary Markets offer the opportunity to enjoy fresh produce and cuisine from countries such as Korea, Italy, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and many more. Plan your visit for Friday night and enjoy the great refreshment of a beer from Burleigh Brewing. If you feel that you simply cannot leave the beach behind then do not despair, another great market option are the ‘Surfers Paradise Beachfront Markets’ After 4pm on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday the beachfront comes alive with fun (including live entertainment) for the entire family.

That experience should whet your appetite for the ocean once again. If so then it is time to explore two of the favorite attractions for those who . These are favorites with those who want to have the best time visiting Gold Coast attractions for very good reason – both are fun but in very different ways.

The first is the adrenaline filled Jet Boat experience. The Jet Boats leave from Surfer’s Paradise and provide some hair raising thrills for those who want to spend an hour in the spray as the high powered boats flirt with sandbars and cause the local birdlife to take to the air.

The second salt water option is whale watching. You will, however, have to plan your trip around the schedule of these gentle giants who will be migrating to their breeding grounds and passing the Gold Coast from June to November. Humpback Whales are the usual species that is spotted – but for the lucky visitor, the odd Killer Whale or ‘Orca’ might make an appearance. As a bonus those taking the cruise may very well be treated to the sight of sharks, flying fish and dolphins as they keep their eyes peeled for the migrating whales.

Those planning on visiting the Gold Coast will be delighted to know that there are a variety of options when it comes to vacation accommodation. the region boasts exceptional hotels and resorts, along with bed and breakfasts and camping opportunities. Spare a thought for the folk who own and manage these establishments – in order to make them as attractive (and safe) as possible, they have to engage the services of a building inspector Gold Coast. It’s the price that they will be paying in order to ensure that you have the best time visiting Gold Coast attractions. But even though they have that stress – the famous Gold Coast welcome will still await those who choose this destination to throw off the cares of the modern world.